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Don Francisco
Rocky Mountain Ministries

Don Francisco has been writing and recording since 1974. The son of a seminary professor, bible translator and scholar, Don has been familiar with the workings of Christianity from an early age. In 1976, he wrote the hit, "He's Alive" and began to travel giving concerts and sharing his vision of a loving and forgiving God. Many albums followed and Don is known worldwide now, mostly for his talent for taking stories from scripture, and creating ballads from the point of view of the people in the stories. Don's audiences are always refreshed by the potency of God's love and grace in these ballads. Over the years we have received uncountable emails telling us about people hearing "He' Alive" for the first time while driving, and literally pulling off of the road to cry.

Religion often applies subtle pressure to cause us to feel devalued or unworthy, and Don's songs always interrupt this and take us back to a simple and living love.

Don rarely travels now but continues to record and release music from his studio in Colorado.