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Don Francisco
Rocky Mountain Ministries


For years we have had this collection of short articles posted on line and we slowly add to them as new topics come up. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we're sharing how we see things. As we all share, our perspectives are widened, and it becomes easier to lay aside fear and dead religion and to choose instead pathways of freedom, boldness, life, and love. We hope you enjoy the mythbusters.

Myth #11 - Christians are The Army of God.

The word, "army" occurs 3 times in the New Testament and never in reference to the Body of Christ, only in reference to an actual army. We are not an army, we are a part of humanity.

There are several very good reasons for deciding not to adopt the popular but unscriptural idea that Christians comprise an army -- besides the fact that it isn't scriptural.

Reason one:

An army is ordered as a hierarchy, a body is not. In an army, there are commanders and subcommanders and subsubcommanders, etc. In a body, the brain sends messages directly to each part via the nervous system. When your brain tells your hand to lift up, your entire body automatically lifts and supports your hand.

Reason two:

Armies are assembled for a purpose which usually involves forcing, killing, and the imposition of it's will. We don't want to force anybody to our will because love is never rude. It is impossible to threaten or manipulate a person to God because an authentic decision cannot be made under those circumstances.

Reason three:

In an army the personhood of each individual soldier is not as important as the goal of the army. In God's Kingdom it is whole, developed, unique, fulfilled people who shine His light best.

Reason four: Our war has been won.