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Don Francisco
Rocky Mountain Ministries


For years we have had this collection of short articles posted on line and we slowly add to them as new topics come up. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we're sharing how we see things. As we all share, our perspectives are widened, and it becomes easier to lay aside fear and dead religion and to choose instead pathways of freedom, boldness, life, and love. We hope you enjoy the mythbusters.

Myth #8 - Christians should not hang out with non-Christians

This myth comes from the false belief that being with people who are different will lower the spirituality of a believer. However, nothing lowers true spirituality more than a separatist attitude.

True spirituality is a loving, serving attitude towards God and people, a thankful and joyful countenence, and wonder and respect for all life. It's as simple as that. Some people think that spirituality means having a prune face and being angry at sinners. Jesus was only angry at prunefaced religious people. They misrepresented the heart of God.

When the Bible says, "love not the world", it means we should not be driven by desires for fame and riches. But that is completely different than deciding not to love people. When Jesus said that the harvest is ready, but the workers are few, He didn't mean there are not enough pastors. He meant that there are not enough people who love the way God does. Nothing spins a life around faster than knowing God loves us just as we are. Most Christians don't even know this simple fact - and that's why many feel they have to lock themselves in closets so they can try to be more holy.

The religious leaders of Jesus day did not hang out with other people, but Jesus did! In fact He hung out with people who the religious leaders considered to be untouchable. He saw right through the outside and into the heart. Jesus did not like to hang out with the high up religious leaders, but He hung out with everybody else.

Nothing affects the world more positively than people who know they are loved by God. They make everyone around them feel special. They literally carry the love and healing of God around with them. They are not overcome by fear, but they are outgoing. Jesus said we should let our light shine. And that means loving others with no awareness of our differences.